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“Where have I parked my car?”

Have you ever come out of the supermarket and wondered, “Where have I parked my car?”

I walked up and down the laneway feeling this panic increasing on the inside of me, “Where is my car and why can’t I remember where I parked it?  This is silly!  I’ve just pulled of an amazing wedding for a couple, and a fundraiser for 300 people.  I’ve empowered a staff of 30 and worked a 22-hour shift.  I’m a competent person so, ‘Why can’t I remember where my car is!'”

It seems so silly looking back.

Of course, I couldn’t remember, I was exhausted!

I needed rest!

In those days of looking after my soul, I found it hard to justify the productivity of resting.

I simply thought the entire world was on my shoulders and if I stopped life as I knew it would come crashing down.

I can hear you laughing but it’s true.


“If I don’t do this, then this is going to happen, and it will be bad!

I will then have to work even harder to fix things.”


On either side of this deep-seated belief were the justification thoughts.


“When I’m old or older…I’ll rest.”


“When I reach this milestone…when we solve this little hurdle… then I will rest…take it easy!”


It was always easy to find something productive to prioritise over rest.

As I turned the key in the ignition that day, I knew I needed a rhythm of rest.

I had lost my way because of a lack of rest.

My soul needed nourishment…

My heart and body healing…

I needed space to connect with wisdom.


I began to mindfully have a day of rejuvenation.


A day where I could give myself permission to take a break from all the things I felt, ‘ I must do.”

I began to plan my day of retreat.

I wanted to connect with people I loved without agenda.  To sit at the table and eat food I loved and not because it was good for me.

To read books with pleasure and nod off into nap land if I felt like it.

I wanted to be part of a community that treasured the rhythm of a day of rest.

I began to fill my day with things I treasured and loved.


It changed my life!


I found myself during the week thinking, “I know I can make it because Sunday is coming.”

On Sunday nights instead of dreading Mondays, I found myself saying, “I can now face my life because I have rested, and I feel rested.”

“Sabbath is more than the absence of work; it is not just a day off, when we catch up on television or errands. It is the presence of something that arises when we consecrate a period of time to listen to what is most deeply beautiful, nourishing, or true. It is time consecrated with our attention, our mindfulness, honouring those quiet forces of grace or spirit that sustain and heal us.”
― Wayne Muller, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives

Soul Questions

If you are feeling tired your soul is tireder than you think.

What fills your soul?

Can you remember the things which fuel your soul?

Why not take a moment to do something which fills your soul?

Did you know Love Drains your soul?


"Where have I parked my car?""Where have I parked my car?""Where have I parked my car?"