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“This is my first time!”

By August 20, 2020Soul Purpose

“This is my first time!”


This is my first time…

I have been a part of decisions where the herd has protected the weakest members.


I can’t think of another time in history where the herd have patiently protected and made decisions for the weakest members.  For the first time I am aware of in history we are loving  the aged and the vulnerable well and I think the significance has gone un noticed.  We need to savour this moment in history.


I’m sure there have been errors and mistakes, learnings and growings but I have never seen our society make decisions for the weakest members which have so reflected love.


This my first time…

where I have seen an Australian government choose to love financially the way it has.


As a not for profit we lost a million dollars worth of income this year.  This impacts our ability to love.  It impacts our ability to employ, our ability as a not for profit to put back into the local community.  To have a government come out and support us with Job Seeker and Job Keeper and numerous other grants has been an act of love, of kindness.  For me, this is a first time I have been loved by government the way I have been loved.


This is my first time…

where I have seen the world consider our global impact on one another and make decisions for one another.


This disease was spread by economics.  People with income, freedom, choice can afford to travel, to hop on and off planes and cruise ships.  Unfortunately the movement spread the disease. I have loved how nations closed their borders again to try to stop the spread, to slow the impact, to protect the weak.


This is my first time…

where I have seen people in the middle of a pandemic, economic upheaval concern themselves with black rights.


Love has flowed despite the distractions.  There is a movement of change happening.  Something new and different rising up.


This is my first time…

where I have seen the world work so hard on vaccines.


Years ago I spent some significant time crying when I was in a rural community in Burkino Faso and saw what it meant to not have access to basic vaccines. Some diseases are so cruel. Those that know me know I like more natural methods than medical models.  But I love the outpouring of love.  This disease is a cruel disease, one we are all still trying to understand.  I love watching the global community try to find kindness.


This is my first time…

where I have seen generosity be given for the good of humanity in the middle of so much upheaval.


I have never seen giving to ensure the good of humanity like I’m seeing at the moment.  People are concerned not just with their local community but with countries who don’t have access to the privileges we have in the middle of COVID.  I am seeing choices made to live simply and love widely.  This is not normal.  Normally we batten down the hatches and look after number one.  But in this season and in this time I’m watching giving like I have never seen giving before.


“This is my first time!”


This is the first time for any of us.  I’m sure there are learnings, things we can grow in.  I’m sure mistakes have been made.


That’s the nature of first times.


But I have never seen love poured out so fierce across our planet.


I think at times we can underestimate the beauty and the wonder of the times we live in.  There are two major forces on planet earth fear and love.  I love the powerful sound of love across the planet at the moment.


I love it’s heartbeat, it’s energy, it’s fierceness, it’s fight.


Love is always built on two pillars patience and kindness.


I see love being patient fighting hard in isolation but also in togetherness.


In the midst of patience I see this outflowing of kindness across the planet.


We can get caught up in fear, negativity and the hard of the current situation but there is so much beauty and goodness unfolding.


I want to keep choosing to see love, to sow love, to be part of what love is doing.


For me, I believe God is love and I see him working in and through people.  He uses people to fling love wide.  There are so many first time moments happening at the moment it is quite exciting.

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