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Starting to feel a little bluesy?

Starting to feel a little bluesy?

Are you starting to feel a little bluesy?  It is normal to feel this in this season.

There is a lot of loss and grief to process.


Some of you have lost jobs, some of you have lost celebration moments, some of you have lost income, some of you have lost time.  For some, you have been under the pump working hours you never dreamed you would be working.


But there is another reason why you may be feeling a little Bluesy and it’s a little thing called relationships.


Relationships matter.


As long as you are alive, your heart and mind and soul will be searching for connection.  An “other.”  Many others.  A community which will bring you life.


When the system can’t make a connection, it begins to run down.


Just like a smartphone runs down when it can’t make a connection to power, we begin to run down when we can’t make connection.


Human beings need connection and we are always searching for connection.


A cell phone can look like its functioning, it’s working, the program is running, but if it doesn’t find a connection, eventually it will run down.   At the moment we can look like we are functioning.  We are connecting through social media, zoom, face time.  We are using our skills of resilience and are being positive, creative and proactive but all the time we have this internal coding looking for physical connection.  If we don’t find the physical  connection eventually our internal battery runs down.


Yes extroverts may run down faster than introverts but regardless we all need connection and eventually we all run down.


When we ask the question, “How are you going?” we are really asking a question about each others connectedness.


How connected are you feeling at the moment?


There are  4 kinds of connections we can experience:

  1. Disconnected, No Connection
  2. The Bad Connection
  3. The Pseudo-Good Connection
  4. True Connection

For those living alone it is valid if in this season you are feeling disconnected or as though the connection is bad.  It may feel like there is a part of you which is diminishing, shrinking, withdrawing.  You were never designed to live life alone.  So it can be extremely hard for you in this season.


Other’s of you may be experiencing some connections via social media, zoom and whilst you appreciate it, it’s not the same.  You are feeling pseudo nature of the connection.  You may find yourself depleting of energy.  It’s normal, it is to be expected.


I know at the moment there are many families connecting again.  Experiencing true connection now they are home together and spending so much quality time.  This is wonderful but  the nuclear family has been struggling to cope to be everything for a long time.  It is okay to say, “I’m loving this time with my family but I’m also not at my greatest because I’m missing some vital other connections.”


We were made for connection.


We do begin to power down when we don’t have connection.


One day our community is going to come together  and I hope we will never forget the joy of what it is to connect, to be together, to love one another.


So if you are starting to feel a little bluesy it is okay.  It simply means you’re a healthy human being needing a power up.


Whilst we wait with longing and anticipation for the true power up, let’s do all we can to keep what power we have in our batteries by doing what we can to keep powered.

Give someone a phone call today and have a conversation.