Life is way too short to live without a sense of control and direction.


Stress and confusion is no fun.  Don’t be held back by a lack of clarity.


The roller coaster of life does not have to control your life.


You were designed for more.

Come on one of our retreats and find the still point from which you can take stock of your life and decisions.

You will come away:

Feeling refreshed and vitalised

With clarity and direction

With connection and hope

With something new


You will simply feel good and recharged.

Parenting Retreat

This retreat is for parents wanting time out to focus on parenthood.

Nothing prepares you for parenthood and yet it is perhaps the most important role you will ever engage with.

Come away and give yourself time to think, to plan, to be re charged and re invigorated.

Dates are:  Friday the 26th – 28th of March

Venue:  Shearwater

Cost:  $200 per couple.

It is not possible for us to cater for children on this retreat.

Hosts:  Liz and Rod Jesson.  Liz and Rod have 4 children, 3 of whom are now married.  They are amazing parents and love sharing wisdom and creating safe spaces for parents to take back their dreams for parenthood.

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Couples Retreat

Relationships matter.

Connections matter.  Our heart circles are always where we are at our strongest.

Put some time into being with the one you love at our Couples Retreat.

Dates are:  May 28th – 30th

Venue:  Shearwater

Cost is:   $200 per couple.

Hosts will be:  Sharon and Tim O’Neill

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If keeping our soul together was easy everyone would be doing it.

The enneagram can help us keep our soul.

Come away and discover more about who you are and the beauty of the people in this world.

You will discover some specific ways for your enneagram type to help keep your soul.

Dates are:  August 20th – 22nd

Venue:  Shearwater

Cost is $100 per person

Host will be:  Sharon O’Neill

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