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I once crashed a party.  I never ever dreamed I could be a party crasher.


It felt so good to crash this party.


It was her birthday.


“We are so glad you are alive and in our life.”


That is what our hearts mean when we sing ‘Happy Birthday1”


It was her turn.


The invitations had been given.


The répondez s’il vous plait had all been made


10 little girls were about to arrive…


As the clock ticked its way to the appointed hour the excitement increased.

Her mother had a gleam of joy in her eyes.

Finally, it was her little girls’ moment.


The hour ticked over and only 1 little girl arrived.


The clock kept ticking, the mothers joy began to fade, and tears began to gather around her eyes.


The shame of disability.


The mother whispered, “It was too good to be true.”


Her little girl’s difference interrupted other people’s worlds.


She makes it harder.


Who wants their world interrupted by the complex?

It was at this point with the clock ticking we made the decision to party crash.


Our chef’s donned hats and coats.  A cake was whipped up.

Candles were found, a group gathered and sang at the top of their lungs “Happy Birthday.”


No one in the history of our children’s playground had ever had a team of chefs come out to celebrate their existence.

We became fairy God mothers turning the booked room into a beauty salon.  By the time we finished she sparkled.


We played and danced and sang and stuffed our faces full of food and drink.


At the end of day as I looked at my team, I couldn’t help but smile.


We had crashed a party and it felt oh so good.

A Question for Your Soul

Can your soul embrace complexity?

Can it jump spontaneously to the ask love often gives?

This is such a simple signal of soul fatigue.

Have you thought of implementing a Sabbath Day Rest to help re build your soul?

Paying attention to the little things let’s you know how well it is with your soul.

Party Crasher

party crasher