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Contractions…getting smaller so someone can get larger

Contractions…getting smaller so someone can get larger

Contractions…getting smaller so someone can get larger is what mothering seems to be all about.

I don’t know if you remember those months where your body grew and grew.  I remember my mum telling me she asked her doctor if anyone’s body had ever exploded carrying twins.  She felt if they hadn’t, she was going to be the first.


As our bodies expand to make room for this new little life our hearts also seem to grow with fear.  The gnawing round the clock questions, filling the mind endlessly with “What if?” scenarios and fears.


There are things we shove out of our heart and life to make room for this new little one.


Contractions come and the process of becoming smaller begins.


I often think of my mother giving birth to my twin sisters, “How small did she become after they became bigger?”


Mother’s Day…is the day we celebrate getting smaller.


The day our bodies contracted, and we became smaller to give life, making someone else bigger.


This is motherhood…


A constant contracting.


Getting smaller so our littles can get bigger.


I think of friends whose babies are all in heaven and how their bodies grew bigger giving life to their littles.  Their hearts breaking and contracting, their life feeling like it got a lot smaller.  It’s hard to witness how their contractions have created a bigger life in heaven.  To remember in heaven a whole complete being when our life feels small without them.


I think of friends who have adopted and how their contractions made their life smaller so another life could be bigger.  Every piece of paperwork signed, the bills which needed paying, the flights and trips to places unknown, the household items which needed changing to bring this new life from afar. Each contraction making their world smaller so another’s could be made bigger.


Then there are the spiritual mums the ones who invest into other lives underpinning, hoping, believing, and praying.  Hearts contracting so their spiritual babies can become large.


In this season of boredom, stress, stretch and fear I watch as mums contract.  Saying no to things they love to do and be to say yes to their children becoming larger.  I see the “What if?” scenarios playing out in minds as families are restricted, isolated and consumed with off site learning.


It’s our contractions which make us mothers.


Every time we make a conscious decision to become smaller so another can become greater.


Children are long births with contractions happening for what feels like forever.  But within each contraction there is magic.


Messy and layered motherhood is fuelled by pain and joy.  There are loads of tears.  The contractions seems too hard.  Too difficult.   Fear a constant companion.  But at the same time there is hope upon hope.  Joy upon joy.  Love which seems to be never ending.


In Nehemiah 6:3 it says, “I am doing a great work, and I can’t come down!”


Every time you contract you are doing a great work.


When you say yes to the contraction someone else becomes larger.


This Mother’s Day celebrate the contractions, understand with each contraction someone’s life get’s bigger.


It’s a sacred work this thing called mothering.



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