Eliminate the aloneness.

You don’t have to do 2021 alone!

With a mentor you will have someone who will encourage you to achieve your goals and live 2021 with wellness, achievement and possibility.

Feel encouraged and supported.

Have an independent person provide you with a regular well being check .

Come alive as you explore who you really are with the enneagram.

Become more awake to the beauty of the people and the world around you as you understand the enneagram.

Become more alive to the impact and influence you are having.

Experience the wonder and power of having someone pray for you.



The call and purpose on your life is real.

The inspiration, the change, the hope and love you bring to the world around you is vital.

But you don’t have to do it alone with no support, encouragement, and lift.

Everyone needs someone in their corner to give them lift.


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We all want to live a life of productivity, meaning and purpose.

But what happens when life comes at you and all of a sudden you are feeling ill-equipped, overwhelmed and you have taken on too much.

Cue…stress, worry and a sense of loneliness.

This is why we need mentors.  To have someone come alongside of us so we can go further.

Well Being Check Up

Every session of your mentoring package includes a well being check up.

You can only go as far as your tank will let you go.

Things which can drain your tank are:

  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Soul health
  • Work challenges
  • Physical health

Don’t wait for your tank to break.

Get a check up.

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Designed to give you a deeper level of self knowledge.

The thought that we can’t see the forest for the trees is particularly true when it comes to understanding ourselves.

It is difficult to look inside of us and to see our fears, motivations and desires.

The enneagram is a tool which helps us understand ourselves.

Discovering the truth about ourselves is rewarding but not easy work.

Having a mentor on the journey is helpful.

Purchase my enneagram link & 1 hour coaching session.

Develop Your Life Purpose and Gifts

“Fate is a terrible writer, yet too many people let it dictate the direction of their life.” Donald Miller.  We offer two online courses to help you develop your gifts, talents and life purpose.

Living a life of purpose and meaning doesn’t just happen.

It takes time, effort and thought.

How Does it Work?

10 Session Package includes:

  • 10 Mentoring sessions
  • Enneagram debrief
  • 10 Well being check ups
  • Life Purpose and Gift Discovery
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5 Session Package includes

  • 5 Mentoring sessions
  • Enneagram debrief
  • 5 well being check ups
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Enneagram Coaching and Debrief

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