hey gorgeous girl

Let’s get together.

Are you ready to take some serious  action in keeping your soul?

It is the deepest part of you.  It drives every part of your life.

Your soul is who you are.

Spending an hour or a week or an entire year with me is like spending time with your best friend over a cup of tea.  Together we’ll dream about your dream life, how you want to engage with life and love.  We will scribble out notes and map out plans so that we get a crystal clear vision of life that you are wanting to build.

My mission:  is to help you rebuild your inner life so that you can engage with life and love in the fullest way.  Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of truly living and loving.   When we keep our soul we can engage with life in a whimsical, loving, joy filled, peace filled, hope filled way.

Once we have clarity about where you want your life to be we can help your soul to bring your dream into alignment.  You see that’s what your soul is meant to do.  It’s meant to bring everything into connection and wholeness.  It’s time to make sure that your soul isn’t fatigued but able to help you live fully engaged with life and love.


The best part for you:  You get to tap into my soul which is brimming with real, authentic life experience across three disciplines:  social work, business and pastoral.  You get to be listened to and understood; to be guided and challenged to go deeper so that your soul is strong, vibrant and brimming with life.  I will love you way too much to not be truthful.  I want the very best of you for you.

The best part for me:  I get to work with creative, inspiring and visionary women who want to stand out from the crowd, who want to shine and bring hope as leaders, who want to increase their potency and creativity and live engaged with life and love.  I see your vision, I hold your dreams safe and help you rebuild from the inside out so that you can live fully engaged.

I love working with women who take action and I’d be over the moon excited to work with you.

P.S.  Ready to keep your soul and live engaged with life and love?  Click Here to learn all about my Soul Retreats.

If you want to know my story in full head on over to my Podcast titled: Why an Innovator needed a mentor? 

How can we get together?

Email me so we can make a date.

We can meet over zoom, Skype, face time or real time in a cafe for coffee or green tea for me.

Our first get together is always Free.  Its your taste and see experience.  Taste and see if you think I might be a good fit and help for you.

Prices for mentoring include:

$200 for 2 hour session

Book 10 sessions $1400.