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The healing power of solitude

The healing power of solitude maybe something you might want to consider building into your life rhythms as you come out of COVID and enter into ‘life’ again.


One of the things I have greatly enjoyed about this enforced isolation has been the relief of not having to talk to people all the time.  Now don’t get me wrong I love being with people just not all the time.


Our soul needs solitude.  It needs quiet.


Sometimes we simply need the wonder of allowing our emotions to flow without censorship or trying to talk ourselves out of them.


Then there is the weight of expectations.

Am I being a good wife?

A good employee?

A good boss?

Are my kids doing well and am I doing enough for them?

Am I good friend?


We all need to know we can build into our life a rhythm of solitude where it is okay to stop talking and stop doing and simply be.


To let go of all the noise, all the expectations and to simply sit and be with our soul.


For me solitude means letting my soul sit in God’s presence.


In solitude our soul can have the freedom to do what it needs to do.


Tears can be shed which might be difficult to embrace.


Our deepest longings and desires can be acknowledged.


Forgiveness found and given.


Solitude is a place.


It is a place in time that is set apart for God and God alone.  A time to unplug, withdraw from the noise.


Solitude is a place inside of myself where God’s Spirit and my spirit dwell together.


This place is private.


It doesn’t need commentary nor is it meant for public consumption.


It is simply a space for my soul to speak.


When we first start to practice solitude we often don’t know what to do.  To help you with this we have created a little practice for you to use.  Use it as a guide, a starting space but get ready because I know your soul has lots to reveal as you take time out.


Download the solitude practice

For those of you going through trauma or grief solitude is something I would encourage you to  practice.  Not isolation but solitude.


Two beautiful friends of mine lost their dream for a baby of their own.  It was a twelve year journey which came to a close when they lost their baby at 18 weeks.  They shared their journey of healing with me.  It is such a powerful journey and speaks of the power of quiet, solitude and moving gently in times of healing.


If you are going through grief and trauma can I encourage you to watch this conversation because you will see how powerful solitude, rest and moving gently can be on the soul.

Handling life when its hard: A conversation with Penne and Cameron Daniel

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