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Part of the Soul Keeping Manifesto is to Embolden Love on Earth.

“Only Action Becomes Love!”

In our Soul Keeping groups  we learn together how to encourage one another to Love how they were purposed to Love.

This term we are so excited because we are exploring Bob Goff’s book Love Does.

If you…
  • Feel there is never time for you to reflect, plan and prepare for your tomorrow;
  • Know you aren’t paying enough attention to your deepest longings and desires or allowing timidity and fear a bigger voice than they should;
  • Long for some real girls who will encourage you in your purpose and creativity;
  • Want to be inspired beyond your current life…
Then Soul Keeping is for you.
Come and allow your purpose and creativity to love bubble over and get all sparky in 2019.
Tuesday Morning Group February 19th at the Tailrace Centre at 9:30amTuesday Evening Group February 19th at the Tailrace Centre at 7pm
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What girls are saying:


“Soul keeping has been one of those milestone moments in my life. It marks a turn point from constantly feeling the fear and anxiety of ‘not enough’, especially in the workplace, to now knowing that presence is one of the most powerful things I have to offer.”

“What Sharon has to offer through this program is nothing short of a game changer. Whilst being very counter-cultural to society, I know that if you can grasp the wisdom Sharon brings through this program, your life will have a greater sense of meaning and transform every area of your life.” – Lauren

“Soul Keeping for me is like a huge bowl of chicken soup steaming and nourishing. Is is a wash of happy laughter, sharing, excited yet safe and healing bunch of women focused on God and their spiritual self and soul.” – Jenn

Launceston Groups
Tuesday mornings and evenings:
9:30am – 11.30am


7pm – 8:30pm
Tailrace Centre – Chapel
Child Care provided for morning sessions.


For more information on the groups simply email me at [email protected] or phone me 63274538

Other Cities & Regions

If you would like a Soul Keeping group in your region please contact us and we will provide training and/or look at starting a group in your area. Simply email me at [email protected] or phone me 63274538