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Our Soul needs to find worth!

By May 5, 2020all videos

Our soul needs to find worth!

Matthew Peart shared his journey of how hard it was for him to find worth.  It took him down into the valley of depression but in the valley he discovered some gems coming out of the valley stronger.

Our soul needs to find it’s worth.

Maybe ask some of the following questions after watching:

What are some of the questions you are asking about your worth in this season?

Can you honestly say, “I am of great worth and value?”

Are their words you are speaking over yourself which you would never really choose to speak and God most certainly wouldn’t say that to you?

Do you feel heavy and lost and don’t really know what the questions are that you need to be asking?  Who could you reach out to to begin talking?  ( Remember we are here for you so you can reach out but there may be someone else who you feel safer with.  Who are they?)

Is there someone you need to send a text to asking them how they are?

Is there someone you need to reach out to and ask, “How can I pray for you?”


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