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Every day your soul is being formed!

Every day your soul is being formed!

Every day your soul is being formed!


It doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday.


Every day our soul can be a new creation.


It is never static.


The hard question is:  “Is our soul forming or deforming?”


“Is it being made whole or is it disintegrating?”


Every person is on a spiritual journey which is either taking them towards an integrated, whole soul or they are on a journey towards disintegration and brokenness of their soul.


There are things we do which break down our soul.


Russell Brand in his book Recovery from Addiction openly and bravely paints a picture of what his soul looked like when it disintegrated through the use of drugs, sex and power.  He writes,

“…most of us are quite divided, usually part of us wants to change a negative and punishing behaviour, whereas another part wants to hold on to it.”


I used to think it was all about do’s and don’ts and saying sorry every time I did those things, hoping in the saying sorry my soul would be changed.


But my soul never changed.  I was still the same person prone to doing some things I didn’t want to do.


I was the kind of person who did those things and it was this person who needed their soul transformed.


In wanting my soul to be formed in a direction towards wholeness I needed to make an intention.


I needed to choose intentionality.


Intentionality means you choose to be aware.


To be aware of how your soul is being formed.


Being aware of those things which form and make our soul whole and leaning into those things.


Feel like making a change?


Why not make an intention today to orient your soul towards wholeness and formation.


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