Discovering the Subtypes

This workshop delves into the Enneagram sub types. This is where so many light bulbs go on for people.

Every human being has three instinctual drives: Self- preservation, Social relationships in groups, and One to One bonding. One of these instincts matter to us more than any of the other instincts. When our primary instinct blends with our enneagram type it creates a powerful subtype which influences how we express our personality.

Understanding this is so helpful.

The 3 centres of expression

This section helps you identify your dominant centre of expression and how you express yourself. Even though it can be a bit uncomfortable this section tells you how others will experience you. This can be a bit embarrassing as we may not even be aware of how others will experience us.

Wing Influence

Your wings are the numbers on either side of your enneagram type. You can access both wings but most of will lean into one wing more than the other.

This section of the report will help you understand how each wing will influence you and your personality.