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Easter begins whilst it’s still dark…

Easter begins whilst it’s still dark…

Easter begins whilst it’s still dark…

Over the past few weeks I have been watching Easter unfold.  It hasn’t felt like a normal Easter in so many ways.  Churches have been empty, nations grieving, fear and uncertainty are present.  Families are isolated and the world is winding down.


Yet, it has also felt so normal!


It hasn’t really felt that different because Easter began whilst it was still dark and will always begin whilst it is still dark.


The political turmoil of the day hadn’t changed.  Injustice abounded.  Grief was present.


Yet Easter began in the dark when there was only love.


I was reading this morning how as a result of Easter Jesus Christ is now in me.

When things were dark on the inside of me Easter began.

Jesus Christ came inside of me and love began its work.


This Easter I have been surrounded by the beauty and the wonder of Easter at work.


A courageous friend tries to find the words to reconcile with family.  To make her peace and to create a new way of doing love and life with family.


Another tries to love her daughter in prayer, waiting in trepidation for the rock bottom, so grace can move in healing and changing her daughters hardened soul.


Friends write to friends near and far asking, “How can I pray for you?”  “How can I love you in this season?”


Families all around clinging to one another, trying to reconnect, allowing love to rekindle home fire warmth.


Another friend says goodbye to a loved one and tries to make peace with heaven’s calling home.


All their journeys have begun in darkness.  When they couldn’t see anything except the flame of love.


Easter began for each one of them whilst it was still dark, when there wasn’t anything but love.


All around me I see this Jesus inside of people.


Inside dark spaces living and breathing his love and his way into their soul.


Calling people to loves way.


Love shines strongest in darks hour.  It is where renewal happens.  Where souls come awake.

Jesus came alive in darkness.  His heart began to beat again, his hands quivering and removing his tomb clothes, his eyes opening and seeing the world anew, different, changed.  I can see him stretching out, feeling the warmth of life coming into his cold body.  His eyes sparkling with joy, his face stretching into the widest of smiles, his hands itching to embrace, love and heal.  His first steps filled with exuberant joy and energy.


Easter didn’t end with darkness it began whilst it was still dark…


Maybe for you it feels pretty dark at the moment, take heart my friend because Jesus loves to exist in darkness.  He loves to meet people in those dark spaces of the soul.  His love filling their hearts and showing them the way to love and life.