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Don’t let fear oppress you or turn you into an oppressor!

Don’t let fear oppress you or turn you into an oppressor!


Don’t let fear oppress you or turn you into an oppressor!


Fear is the currency of oppression!


During COVID we have seen people engaging with our instinctive modes of survival because of fear.  This is normal and good for a season but not good for our soul long term.


We can’t park our soul in fear!


Some people have fled into the safety of lockdown and rules.  Here, I’m talking about more than what the government have prescribed.  That’s the flight option we choose when we feel fearful.


Others have fought, fighting fear, ensuring their needs were met. We saw this with the buying of toilet paper at the supermarket or some of the protests against wearing masks.


Still others have frozen.  They have shut down and are walking around a bit like a zombie. Wondering on the inside, “Are we back to normal yet? ” Can I come out from hiding?”


Fear is the currency of oppression!


It can be hard for us to understand this but…



When fear becomes our motivator we will either be oppressed or we will become an oppressor.


Let me give you some simple examples.

One organization which provides safety to women in this season actually became an oppressor because of their rigid interpretation of rules and policy.  The women ended up feeling even more cowed and beaten.


We saw supermarket workers being oppressed by the loud and aggressive behaviour of customers.


For many who have frozen we can see their soul cowering, bowed under.  They have lost a bit of life and aren’t themselves.


I think we can all attest to feeling some oppression caused by COVID with the flight to isolation.


Whenever fear exists we will either oppress or be oppressed.


We don’t have to camp in fear.


The place of rest and digestion is a wonderful space to camp. Rest and digestion provide opportunity for thinking, for feeling, for creating, for beauty to emerge.


To move from fear to rest and digestion we need a certain amount of love or safety in our life.


Safety is found in our deepest connections.


COVID has made it challenging to be profoundly connected to each other and to God.  To be known, to be loved and to feel as though we belong.


But it is only a challenge.


So what can we do to make the shift?


We can connect with those we care the most about.


For each of us this will look different.


In this season I haven’t spent much time on social media.  I found the currency of social media was fear and felt quite oppressed at times.  I knew I needed different forms of connection.


For some of you social media provides you with the space for connection.  I don’t think it matters how you do it so long as you can find the space which leads away from fear and towards connection.


Connection gives us the safety internally we need to step out of fear.


It is where we flourish.


So let’s set an intention this week to connect with someone we love and to begin to move away from fear and towards connection.


Let’s not be oppressed or become an oppressor.


But rather a person who knows they are held in the embrace of love and who can live whole heartedly no matter what is happening in the world from this place of safety, power and connection.  Let’s move towards rest and digestion.

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