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We all have blind spots.

Spots where we feel we can’t give grace.

Spots which are unseen until someone crosses the blind spot.


It is then we realise we cannot give a person grace.


They have gone too far.

Violated something deep within us.

It’s hard to keep our heart and soul open when these blind spots appear.

It takes time for us to figure what on earth has happened.


Someone violated something on the inside of me and we’re not really sure what happened or why.


All we know is something has changed.


The place in our heart the other held has changed.

We want them more distant than close.

Or even out of our life.


Yet, it was a blind spot.


Nothing more, nothing less.

A deeply held value, a blind spot we didn’t know we held until it was violated.

A spot the other probably didn’t even know was there until they touched it.

All they did was reveal something precious on the inside of us.

Something maybe which needs talking about.

Something which requires a whole heap of grace and healing.

Blind SpotsBlind Spots