Soul Keeping

Your soul is the most important thing about you...

I love life…
I love creating, pioneering, and using up energy at a rate of knots…

I know the whimsical wonder of releasing your soul to life’s purpose.

To leave a wake of making things bigger and better over time.

But I am also familiar with a broken soul. I’ve broken mine and experienced the impact of hard on my soul. I have felt my soul break into a million pieces on many occasions wondering how on earth will I ever be able to utter those words again: “It is well with my soul…”.

My life has been a journey of trying to figure out this thing called my soul.

A little about me…

I trained and worked as a social worker until 3 babies came to steal my heart. All my babies are now grown up and have brought home beautiful partners and a beautiful grand baby.

I married a finance man because I’m not good at that side of things and one of us had to be. He’s also the opposite to me – logical, patient, introverted, and get’s things right.

I became a pastor and founder of 3 social enterprises…. which was a scary, hard and required my soul to stretch. In that space, I became good friends with hurry and hustle and learned that creativity has a speed all of its own…

I am an accredited enneagram coach.

I still pastor and helps lead the Tailrace Centre, Jude’s Cafe, Kids Paradise and all the little ways we send love on its way. I love Tailrace Community Church with all of its rich diversity of colour, different spiritual spaces, and the rugged beauty of different stories told. I love advocating and championing the rights of children. I love supporting women in India by helping to build sanitary pad factories trying to help 250 million women have access to sanitary pads.

I’m not good at running slow through life. I struggle with hurry and hustle and taking days off.

I don’t think my heart will ever join the crowd who don’t dream, imagine or pioneer.

Who doesn’t want to reach out to love with courage and imagination?
I don’t want to accept the invitation to live in the grandstand of life and become a spectator watching life happen.

Love and Hugs

– Sharon O’Neill